Mothers Minder Reminder Bracelet

The Mothers Minder breastfeeding bracelet is the worlds first patented bracelet that helps Mums remember. A simple slider on the bracelet lets you keep track of time or number.

Pregnant mothers count how many baby kicks you are feeling during the day. Midwives suggest that you should count 10 movements per day, and so this bracelet will help you to remember what number you are up to.

Baby Feeding: Remember the time you last fed baby (either breast or bottle), and which side to offer baby for the next feeding.

Nap Time: You could use this to remember what time you put baby down for a nap.

Medicine: Keep track of the last time that you gave medicine to your child, particularly if baby needs a dose every four hours for example.

  • One size fits all
  • Silicone

Manufacturer:  Mothers Minder
Materials:  Silicone

Customer Reviews 10 item(s)

Couldn't do without it!
Excellent product, couldn't do without it now! I recorded every feed until my baby was 9 weeks, by which time I was completely sick of it. Eventually I realised that all that mattered was that I knew the time and side of the last feed. This bracelet is perfect! My only criticism is that within a week a couple of the numbers and dots have started to fall off, and some of the rubber on the inside is chipping off too. But it really doesn't matter, it still works and if it falls apart they're cheap enough to replace!
Review by Sophie
Great product
This bracelet is great, quick & easy to change wrists & time record - very useful. I found the silicone tends to break after wearing constantly for a few months, so buy two & keep one in the cupboard. Good gift for new mothers too
Review by Sally
A MOTHERS LIFESAVER FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it as a gift for my 1st child my son 3yrs ago & now i'm using it 3yrs later for my newborn daughter. It's a BLESSING! I'm juggling a 3yr old & a newborn... not having to write down feedings is wonderful. Thank you for such a great product. I give them as gifts now :)
Review by Barbara
Very useful!
It looks cool (I got the pink one!) and it saved me from those silly moments when I stood staring blankly trying to remember when I last fed my baby and weighing each breast in my hand to figure out which one I used the last time. The only trouble I have is that baby now started to grab my bracelet and tends to move the indicator, lol.
Review by Marta
Just as good as the stainless steel one.
I bought the silicone version this time because they are so useful, especially during night feeds when sleep deprivation makes you forget to fill in books or register time. Plus, with a solid milk supply i often can't rely on the "full boob" test to figure out which side i did last. I have to say, the silicone one is just as good as my stainless steel one was. Not as pretty but doesn't pull at the little hairs on my arm either and i would recommend them to anyone. Especially at such an affordable price!
Review by Lucy
Life is so much easier now
As a first time mum I was pedantic about writing down every feed time and side, for how long, each wet/dirty nappy, etc. etc. As I started to get out and about more I found this was not really a practical option (plus I looked a bit silly writing everything down to remind myself). This bracelet has made everything so much easier for me and my shocking memory! I'm even thinking about getting one to keep a track of how many wet nappies my little one has each day. Also once I am done breastfeeding I can see myself using it for medication times, next baby kicks during pregnancy etc. Great product and it is now going to be my token present for mums-to-be :)
Review by Sarah
Reminder Bracelet
Great product for when you are too tired to remember anything! My little boy loves playing with it too so doubles as a baby distractor!
Review by Donna
Reminder Bracelet!
This dinky little number is a godsend in those first few weeks - the tired and overwhelming time after a new baby! I loved my Mothers Minder because it could remind me when I last fed and from which side I fed from - very handy for my baby brain, and very handy when I was out and about or away from my diary ( I always wrote feed times etc into a diary when I have a newborn). Sent very quickly from the time I placed my order so thanks Breastmates for the fast and efficient service! Very durable product - I've stood on it accidently an d its fine! - distracts babies, reminds mum, used it on 2 babies, BRILLIANT!
Review by Mumof3
Awesome best thing for a new born feeding mum
This was a life saver, I first got it for counting babies kicks after 20 weeks pregnant, my little man didnt move much and I was a busy lady I became concerned that baby was not moving enough but turned out I was just too busy to remember how many times he had moved but it was nice having something so easy to use rite there to remember for me! Once Connor arrived and the sleepless nights started and everyday seemed to be a blur it helped to have this fancy little reminder of what time and side I had last feed on! have since got a 2nd one for a friend who also loves it just as much as I do! Once again a big thank you for an awesome friendly service always fast delivery and a very easy website to use and order off!
Review by Rena Norton
I never wear bracelets - do not like things around my wrist - but this was a life saver. I bought one when my first son was very young and it stayed on for months. It was so easy to keep track of when he had fed and I didn't have to bother with a pen and paper. Awesome product.
Review by Boyz

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