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Multi Buy DiscountBooster Biscuit Mix for Breastfeeding Mums   (by Breastmates)

° premix ° bake your own °

To help make life a little easier for breastfeeding mums, we've combined the perfect amount of ingredients for you to make your own Booster Biscuits at home. It's a semi-sweet oaty biscuit - our famous recipe which customers have been munching on for years- containing the key ingredients of oats, linseed and brewer's yeast.  We've worked with a nutritionalist to make it even healthier, and combined into a handy premix.  Bake for yourself or support a friend with a new baby.  

Just add egg and butter, and bake at home.  [if you are dairy free - you can substitute butter for olivani or coconut oil]

This premix makes 20 biscuits.  Eat 2 to 3 biscuits each day with a glass of water or milk.   * safe for the whole family to eat, but we suggest you save them just for mum

Baked biscuits can be stored in an airtight container for up to a week, or freeze.

Packaging and webpage show the finished baked biscuits, as a serving suggestion.  Please note that this product is a premix powder - you need to bake your own biscuits.  Commercially packed at a HACCP certified New Zealand factory.   No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  

Ingredients: Oats, wholemeal flour, brown sugar, brewers yeast, linseed, salt, baking powder.   Contains wheat, oats, gluten.  Packed in a factory that also processes nuts, seeds, wheat and dairy.


Breastfeeding Cookies. Lactation.


Customer Reviews 60 item(s)

great service!!
Cannot recommend enough! Love the booster biscuits and liquid gold storage bags... and super fast delivery!!! I ordered on Sunday night, they arrived this morning (Tuesday morning) I am so happy! Thanks so much for the awesome service you provide
Review by Tayla
yum and easy
Yum cookies and so easy to make which is key when you've got a little one and not much time! Also great service they arrived very quickly
Review by Rarch
So easy
These are fantastic added some choc chips to get a bit of choc
So easy to make and frez so well hold all there yummy flavor had to stop myself from eating them all in one go
Review by Sach
Absolutely love these bikkies with a glass of milk. Iv added dark chocolate and even frozen some to bake later.
Review by Thevinia
Thanks for making these great mixes! We whip them up in our coffee group each week and they a scoffed down with joy.

Review by Claire
Love this cookie mix. Easy to make up and very yummy (especially if you add a little dark chocolate) makes heaps of cookies and I saw an improvement in milk supply when consuming them
Review by Karlie
Great results
I have been using them from so many days and great results. I think that it has increased my supply alot. Speedy delivery
Review by Raj
Thank you so much for the cookie mix! I made them for my friend who has a newborn baby. So I got to try a few myself hehe, they were so easy to make and delicious too and she absolutely loved them, and has ordered more from you too. I wish I had known about the cookie mix earlier when I was breastfeeding my three big boys!

Review by Kelly
Very yummy!!
I got the booster mix and they were super easy to make and very delicious :)!!
Review by Kel
The Best
OMG these cookies are a must have! They are so yummy and easy to make. I eat one before and after my daughter has had a big feed. I used to feel emptier in the evenings with a grumpy baby but now have fuller breasts and a happier baby. The hubby loves the too. Highly recommend getting them. Thanks franny :)
Review by Rosie
This booster mix is awesome - the whole family tucked in so I'll be ordering more - threw in nuts and dried fruit - so easy and kept really well in the tin for a few days.
Review by Rebecca
loved them
Hi there!
I just wanted to share that I brought boost bickies and LOVED them! it's only been two days. Im pumping twice the amount I could so far - go figure!!
Very happy customer, Thank you
Review by Carmen
They're amazing!
I just want to let you know how amazing and delicious the bikkies are. My bubs is 7 weeks and like most mums I was worried my milk supply was diminishing and she wasn't getting enough milk as she would fuss on the breast after a few minutes. Seems today my boobs feel full again and I have 1 happy and content baby. I'll definitely be ordering more.
Review by Melissa
Very quick
Thank you Franny for getting my order to me overnight!!! Ordered Lactation Cookie mix Friday arvo and had by saturday morning! I had three cookies yesterday and three today and I'm pleasantly surprised! Have also made them dairy and egg free! Awesome service, thank you
Review by Anna
appreciate these!
My twin girls are 14 days old & I have been nibbling on a biscuit before/after every late night feed.
They're easy to make, tasty, & perfect to grab when you're hungry & sleep deprived.
Feeding twins takes a lot out of me so its good to know my snacks are going to benefit them!
Thank you
Review by Holly
Yum and cost effective
Really nice, I added some dried fruit and chocolate chips to give a little sweetness. Delish!!!
Review by Jess
baked already
Made them last night, had a few last night and a few. Definitely feeling fuller today. Want to boost my supply to start pumping - emergency supply
Review by Rochelle
was run down
I got then because I felt run down and like my supply was dwindling, and because I'm dairy free atm and there's not many biscuits I can eat and now, I'm probably more run down but definitely no shortage of milk!!so thank you. I ate them all within 3 days lol
Review by Alina
I'm trying to retrain my daughter to latch on the boob after she's having some nipple confusion. Since I've had these and my milk has increased she's latching better
Review by Rochelle
The cookies are delicious. i dont have time to do it all from scratch and this is the perfect solution!! Thanks Franny :)
Review by Abbeyrose
Highly Recommend
These are awesome! I added coconut, dates and choc chips. So good!
Review by Lara
These are soooo good.
These are soooo good. I added berries nuts choc etc. And in a day or 2 booyaaah well worth the money makes a huge difference easy peasy and tasty. One satisfied customers and buba thank you
Review by Bex
Fantastic product! Made a huge difference in my day. Loved them to -so easy to make and so delicious. Buying a couple of bags again to take overseas with me next week! :)
Review by Jennifer
Was so happy when coming across these!
Have recommended this to all my breastfeeding mummy friends!
Review by Lucy
Highly recommended
Feeling a boost in myself!! Definitely noticeable after a nice long sleep. Very full again. Baby was a week ago sleeping 10-12 hrs and that dropped off to 6 then three then two. So another 10.5hrs last night and I definitely can feel the difference
Review by Sharai
Good supply at night
Sitting here watching tellie I know I'm going to have to get my little boy up for a dream feed or I'll be bursting by the time he wakes! They're a wee bit addictive if you love a oaty bikkie! Awesome delivery franny! Over night you wee beauty!
Review by Bridget
Noticed a big difference!
I made my biscuits as soon as they arrived yesterday at 2pm. Very yummy and very addictive! At approx 9 pm last night I picked up my little one to do a dream feed, boob's were full of milk, that much I had to attach the haakaa breast pump to the other side as milk was coming out on its own! So yes I noticed a difference! Thank you very much! Highly recommend these biscuits and to top it off, they are so easy to make!!
Review by Chandahl
I got some and made a batch today and added a few dark chocolate chips. These are actually delicious. Not sure how I'll stop myself from only eating 2-3 a day ;)
Review by laura
The best
Your lactation Cookies r the best I'm over flowing with milk iv had to start freezing some iv got 2 litres of breast milk in my freezer. I'm making so much milk I'm thinking about being a milk donor.
Review by Missy
Great to increase my freezer stash
They are delicious! The problem is limiting myself to only two or three a day. These breastfeeding cookies are great with a glass of milk, which is exactly how I like to eat my cookies anyways. And in terms of my milk- I noticed a difference on the first day. A delicious treat. I pump almost twice as much now and still am able to feed my little one. Great for increasing my freezer stash for future use. If you’re a breastfeeding mum or know of a breastfeeding mummy, I highly recommend giving these biscuits a try. Thanks for this Franny! A fantastic job on these!
Review by Jennifer
Great for milk supply
I added cinnamon to my batch, super easy to make and tastes yummy. At night time my supply seems to be just as good as in the mornings!!
Review by Amy
Good supply
Breastfeeding has changed for me. I would usually feel empty by the time my son goes to bed but now I still have plenty for him when he cluster feeds in the evening. They will help me in keeping him exclusively breastfeed.
Review by Renee
Just want to say how awesome your booster biscuit mix is :) .. So quick and easy to whip up a batch, I already had a pretty good supply, but wanted to boost it a bit so I could pump and freeze for when I go back to work.. thank you for a great product at a great price!
Review by Kasia
coconut oil
Hi, I love your premix for bikkies, however I am dairy free so used coconut oil instead
Review by Hannah
win win
Got my mix today thank you. Made them with coconut and cranberries. What I really like is they are a filling snack with the added bonus of being helpful for breastfeeding. Win win!!
Review by Katie
The best!
Your lactation cookie premix is the best so hopefully you get an award for this! I love them and have had to ban hubby from them !
Review by Nicola
Great snack
Got my mix today thank you. Made them with coconut and cranberries. What I really like is they are a filling snack with the added bonus of being helpful. Win win!!
Review by Kylie
a good buy!!
I've brought and tried these, they are yummy!! I'm glad I brought two bags!!
Review by Tamara
5 stars
I make some every time I run out my supply drops, if only I had more time to make them!
Review by Cheri
such a good biscuit
These are AWESOME.....also a great gift for a new mum. I added things like coconut and Chia adaptable. Freeze amazinglt
Review by JB
was going to wean!
Thank you so so much Breastmates - I have to confess I did not think these would work- I have had supply issues with both my children. I was determined to get to 3 mths with my wee man which I have (with formula topups + domperidone). On wed after finishing the tablets I was going to wean my boy as my supply was getting less - then I saw your post for your cookie mix & decided to give it a go - our last shot, if it didn't work we were going to go to formula only. It's only the second day & already we have gone from 3 x feeds of a few minutes with topups to 3 full breast feeds with no topups needed it feels amazing & my wee boy is so happy.
I am so happy I saw ur post when I did & have already recommended ur mix to some new mummies I know. I'll definitely be ordering more
Review by Jen
Life saver
This has been a lifesaver, thanks so much!
Review by Rebecca Cooper
These are amazing!
I received Franny's Booster Biscuit Mix yesterday. I made my first batch immediately and... WOW! I have tried many lactation cookies; many of which were inedible and not effective. These are amazing! I cannot recommend this biscuit enough!!!
Review by B.B
yum yum
Thanks Franny the biscuit mix arrived yesterday. I'm trying to go dairy free in my diet so i just changed the butter to 100g olivani spread. So easy to make and they taste great.
Review by Sarah
Thankyou Franny, I was a little bit skeptical before I tried these biscuits but thought i'd give them a go. I thought the worst case would be it would just be a bland biscuit with no effect on my milk You proved me wrong. They taste great, but so much more important to me - the day after i ate them - i really noticed so much milk, i was fuller in the morning! Thank you!!!
Review by Julie
These cookies are delicious. A friend made me a batch and brought them to me in hospital. my only complaint is they are so good I think I ate too many and had a bit too much milk1 I am now making them for my friends too.
Review by Sarah
These are brilliant. I suffered terrible breastfeeding issues with my first so was prepared with my second baby with batches baked and frozen and dough in the freezer as well. I have had no breastfeeding issues this time around. They are absolutely delicious and make a great midnight snack while up doing the night feeds. I have been raving about them to everyone.
Review by Ann
Every mum and mum to be should know about these beauties. I have been having them since my daughter was born and we started breastfeeding. The bonus is these taste amazing and you get a good batch:D
Review by Laura
really good
I used them last time and have a batch in the freezer ready for this time. They work just fine great!
Review by Wendy
I bought these just in time for baby's 12 week growth spurt and all that extra feeding. My milk looks creamier and doesn't separate as readily in the fridge. Thanks Franny... This ones a winner!
Review by Siobhan
Fantastic recipe and so handy to have the ingredients all supplied through Breastmates. I can't say whether these cookies have boosted my supply on their own, but I always, always have a stash in the cupboard because they're perfect to snack on - especially during middle of the night feeds! They freeze so well, I can never tell the difference once I've thawed a batch out. Really quick and easy to make as well, which is great when you're busy with a baby. And REALLY yummy!!
Review by Mel
Make them even if you're not breastfeeding.....
Firstly, these cookies are absolutely delicious! My husband has requested I make another batch and my dad keeps coming over to swipe them! Secondly, the customer service at Breastmates is great - after I placed my order online I phoned through to add another lot to my order and this wasn't an issue, and it was delivered in no time!
Review by Katy
get them
These are AMAZING! They were an absolute essential to get me through those early days of breast feeding twins. Previously, I was always concerned I didn't have enough milk for both. As soon as I used these, I was fine. Plus they are delicious!!!!
Review by Karen
Just thought I would give you a little bit of feedback regarding the cookies recipe. They are delicious and love them. If I could eat them all in one day I would lol. Definately helping. Thanks again
Review by Hayley
Made me a batch as i am on my feet all day at work and don't rest properly so i had to do something to boost my milk supply! Love the cookies and love that my little one doesn't run out of milk now!
Review by kathryn
Really yummy cookies. Very easy to make especially with the special ingredients already measured out for each batch. Couldn't be more simple! Plus fast and excellent service from Breastmates.
Review by Shona
Super Yummy!
Totally scrummy! Whole family loves them, both biscuits and dough freeze well. Simply and easy to make, Great as a gift also! product arrived very fast and was more than impressed by the service!
Review by Carina
Great idea
This is such a great idea. I had such trouble trying to locate these ingredients so was thrilled when I saw breastmates sold them!
Review by Anna
These cookies are delicious and great for breastfeeding mums. I was also very impressed with the service and speed of delivery. Have recommended this website to my pregnant and mummy friends.
Review by Tracey
everyone eats them!
I make these all the time. I noticed after eating a few my milk squirts out like the early days when I needed to wear breast pads! Great for the extra pumping I have squeezed in to supply a friends baby.
Review by Rebecca

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