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Congrats on your baby news, and welcome to Breastmates! We focus on mums throughout pregnancy and post-baby, (whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding) and have all the gear you'll need. We stock quality maternity clothes that are dualwear for breastfeeding - many are our own exclusive designs. I founded Breastmates in 2004 with a single product when my first baby was born, and over the years we have grown into a trusted maternity store. There's much more to our store than just maternity clothes, so please have a look around. If you need help with anything - Breastmates is here for you.



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    Special discounts, clearance, and limited quantity bargains on maternity clothes, nursingwear, breastfeeding lingerie, and more

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    The latest releases of maternity clothes, new season maternity wear, and new products for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond!

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    Beautiful maternity lingerie, pretty nursing bras, soft pregnancy undergarments, and comfortable breastfeeding pyjamas for your bump and beyond....

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    Maternity Swimwear - essential pieces so you can enjoy the weather and cool down; at the pool, beach, tropical resort, or paddling pool.

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    Stylish, quality maternity clothes and pregnancy garments from Breastmates own label. Affordable yet fashionable maternity wear. ...

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    Feed with confidence in our gorgeous breastfeeding clothing. Our nursing clothes are stylish yet comfortable, with easy, discreet nursing access...

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    Top-quality Medela, Avent & Unimom breast pumps - including spare breast pump parts. For your Liquid Gold success. ...

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    BPA-free bottles, teats, sterilisers, breast milk storage bags, and cleaning equipment to make bottle feeding safe and stress-free. ...

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    Soft, comfortable breast pads in convenient disposable or cost-effective washable, reusable versions prevent leaks and protect your nipples.

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    Breastfeeding pillows can help make breastfeeding more comfortable and are far easier to use than bulky bed pillows. Our U-shaped breastfeeding ...

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    The best ever products to help you and Mother Nature in the early days of breastfeeding.

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    Pamper and look after your bump and body with our soothing, supportive belly bands, body oils, morning sickness relief, and maternity products. ...

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    Nappy bags, swaddles, nursery décor, baby carriers and slings, baby clothing, and more -- must-have baby gear recommended by real mums!

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    Treat a special mum-to-be to a Breastmates gift voucher for a thoughtful, generous present they'll love.

Our award-winning online maternity store has a huge range of maternity clothes, maternity lingerie, breast pumps, breastfeeding clothes, nursing bras, breastfeeding products, and bottle-feeding gear. Many of the products on our website are our own unique designs and exclusive - you won't find them anywhere else. We’re about more than just pregnancy – Breastmates is here to support all women during maternity and baby feeding. Good luck!!